Thursday, December 2, 2010

everyday is a love day!


when i first saw u in another way [you knew when],
hey nerdy, i like u!!! sounds stupid if i said it for real iskk~
but u felt the same way too. gotcha!
no wonder your acts were so funny, awkward, crazy and bla bla bla~
i don't care actually~ i love the way you are

waiting~ waiting~ waiting~ at last the time came around.
reddish on your face made me like you even more you know?

wondering~ when...
in the meant time, your nerd suddenly disappeared. even though just in the little cutie message from you, you changed our relation. yeahhh! I'm waiting for that long time ago. it's okay then. at last right??! [blushing]

in every minutes, every hours, everyday, it's only us my dear meow.
i love our precious time. the world is in our own.
u changed, i changed, and just ignoring what people said right meow~~

love~love~love~ meow~
I'm so addicted to this phrase
~i love the way you are~
...a song for me from it!

[some of our precious moments]

till then, see ya fellas!

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